Thermoelectric Power Generation – Let’s Harvest Wasted Heat

In the current times, where climate action is high on the agenda in politics and the demand for energy continues to grow, we ought to look for a variety of solutions that can generate cleaner energy and reduce waste. One technology worth examining in this context is ‘Peltier materials’ also known as thermoelectrics which can […]

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Types of Nanosensors

The applications and types of nanosensors are numerous, so to get an overview it can help to divide them into different categories depending on what they measure and how they work. The main three categories of measurements are physical, chemical, and biological. Furthermore, a useful distinction between the signals of the sensor is electrical vs

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A sensor is a device that can detect changes in its surroundings such as temperature or the amount of sunlight and convert these changes into a signal[i]. A nanosensor is simply a tiny sensor with dimensions on the nanometer scale which is loosely defined to be below 100 nanometers. This is roughly 1,000 times smaller

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